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Best Authors Top authors of all time voted by regular people Best Authors is an ongoing online poll where the list is made up entirely of votes from our readers. Until I began the long and happy passage of reading all of Anton Chekhov’s short stories for the purpose of selecting the twenty for inclusion in The Essential Tales of Chekhov, I had read very little of Chekhov.

It seems a terrible thing for a story writer to admit, and doubly worse for one whose. Chekhov's Short Stories Anton Chekhov Anton Chekhov was a Russian playwright and short story writer of the nineteenth century.

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He was born during in Russia and died during in Germany. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born on 29 January in the port town of Taganrog (at the northern tip of the Black Sea between Ukraine and Russia) in Rostov Oblast, Southern Russia, the third of six children born to Yevgenia Yakovlevna Morozov, daughter of a well-traveled cloth merchant and Pavel Yegorovitch (), a grocer.

Russian literature refers to the literature of Russia and its émigrés and to the Russian-language literature of several independent nations once a part of what was historically Rus', the Russian Empire or the Soviet unavocenorthernalabama.com roots of Russian literature can be traced to the Middle Ages, when epics and chronicles in Old Russian were composed.

By the Age of Enlightenment, literature had grown.

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