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Compulsive buying disorder

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Environmental Ethics

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Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy is a bimonthly peer-reviewed academic journal of philosophy published by was established in by Ingemund Gullvåg and Jacob Meløe in the spirit of Arne Naess and the so-called Oslo school in Norwegian philosophy and covers all areas of philosophy.

Submit an article Journal homepage. Views CrossRef citations Naess's Deep Ecology: Implications for the Human Prospect and Challenges for the Future. Harold Glasser.

Transport Policy

review article. Ecological modernisation theory in debate: A review. Urban form and travel behavior: experience from a Nordic context This article surveys the results of research carried out in the Nordic countries on the influence of various aspects of urban form and settlement patterns on travel behavior, and discusses these results in the view of studies carried out in other European, American, Australian and.

Research output: Scientific - peer-review › Article B. Slofstra A diachronic study of the negative polarity item syn leven ‘his life > ever’ in West Fri sian between and.

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