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EMMA JAMES - ROMANCE AUTHOR INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING AUTHOR Writing in both contemporary romance and dark suspense romance.

The characters I write about will earn their HEA. I want the reader to believe in that love and be cheering them on, lost in their world for days or even weeks after turning the last page.

During a seven-year journey around India, Emma Levine heard about the wonderful game of buzkashi, a kind of anarchic rugby on horseback where teams of men wrestle and race to grab a headless goat and propel it towards goal.

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Sep 21,  · Emma Levine People can afford to be more honest than they think Sep 21, University of Chicago. Office of Communications. S. Ellis Ave., SuiteChicago, IL () [email protected] Office of Communications Staff Directory; For Journalists. Box Hill and the Limits of Realism George Levine, Rutgers University Perhaps the most difficult thing for a modern reader of Emma to do is to take it straight, to accept Mr.

Knightley as the moral authority the story seems to make him and to agree that Emma should indeed marry him.

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