Attrition in pharma industry

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Changing R&D models in research-based pharmaceutical companies

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Scientific Writing and Communications at SIRO A fully-evolved team of dedicated medical writers across three continents with a base in India is experienced across all therapeutic areas including niche areas like vaccines, and all phases of clinical research including bioequivalence and preclinical.

Apr 08,  · In the course of one short week, no less than 3 different models have emerged for sharing big data in the pharmaceutical industry.

The highest. Register to the premier event for the European life sciences discovery and technology community. June Brussels. The primary focus is to present the high attrition rate seen in the pharmaceutical market industry, its causes and controlling strategy for retention of Pharma sales representatives.

Though attrition is a natural phenomena in all industries, Indian Pharma marketing industries is worst plagued by it.

Attrition in pharma industry
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Pharmaceutical industry suffers from high attrition among medical representatives