Article on role of students in building nation

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Role of Students in Nation Building - An Essay, A Short Speech

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Role Of The Youth In Nation Building

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468 Words Essay on role of students in the development of a nation

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Essay on the Role of Students in Society (750 Words)

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Jun 11,  · In conclusion, the role of the youth in the nation building is crucial. They are problem solvers, have a positive influence on other young people and the nation, and are extremely ambitious.

The role of teachers in the building of a nation can not be ignored. It is they who influence the immature minds of the youth and tries to mould the living stuff into various forms.

Essay on the Role of Students in Society (750 Words)

It is they on. the following de finition of nation-building is provided: Nat ion-building is t he intervent ion in the affairs of a nation stat e for the purpo se o f cha nging the state’s method o f go vernment. The Role of Student in Nation Building Introduction: First of all, we have to know that "Nation" is a country considered as group of people living in certain territory under one government.

Secondly, we have to know "Building" here means not masonry construction but development. The role of students in nation building has been exemplified by the Aligarh students. Till we got independence inthe Muslims had no organized shape. Politically there were many other parties besides the Muslim league.

Some of them even opposed the creation of Pakistan. Only the Muslim students of India were unanimous in creating Pakistan.

Article on role of students in building nation
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Essay on the Role of Students in Society ( Words)