An analysis of the article zika outbreak means it is now time to cancel rio olympics by arthur l cap

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Reprinted with the express written consent of Brazilian swim blog Yesswim. By Carolina Moncorvo During our Carnival (and since months ago) Brazil is living a huge concern: zika outbreak. Following the outbreak in French Polynesia there was an unusual increase in babies born with microcephaly.

Inthere was a smaller outbreak in Yap Island, Micronesia, where about cases were identified. The Zika virus was new to both of these regions.


“Scientists Say The Rio Olympics Should Be Postponed Due To Zika Journal of Responsible Innovation brief analysis of the response to the Zika outbreak. If you missed the Infectious Disease Mapping Challenge webinar last week, you can catch the recording here!Ongoing reports are highlighting that the Trump administration is unprepared for a global pandemic.

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An analysis of the article zika outbreak means it is now time to cancel rio olympics by arthur l cap
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