An analysis of eva pern argentine feminist a collection of articles

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Feminism in Argentina

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Feminism in Argentina. Eva Perón supported the female vote. The Female Peronist Party, also known as the Feminist Peronist Party and the Peronist Feminist Party, was the women's wing of the Peronist Justicialist Party of Argentina.

It was founded by Eva Perón in the late s. Inthe Argentine Congress passed legislation that extended suffrage to women. In a surprising turn of events, feminist leaders withdrew support for the law because of their opposition to the Peronist Party. Nonetheless, women's suffrage represented the culmination of fifty years of activism.

Alvarez and Claudia de Lima Costa sus- tain that the “mainstream” of Latin American studies of culture. race. and politics did not take (and perhaps still has not taken) feminist insights to heart and that prevailing strands of early gender studies in the region did not make culture a cen- tral axis of analysis.

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An analysis of eva pern argentine feminist a collection of articles
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