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Midwestern Gothic, LLC is an independent book publisher in Chicago committed to publishing diverse, outstanding writing inspired by the Midwestern United States by writers who live or have lived here. The first American novels appeared at a time when the gothic novel was popular in Europe, so most early American novels have gothic elements.

Many American gothic novels are set in Europe, because writers thought America had very little history/setting off of which to base fictitious works. The American Gothic emerged during the Enlightenment right around the Amer. Revolution, not as a reaction to Transcendentalism. In fact, Trans.

was actually born out of the American Gothic. Midwestern Gothic staffer Jo Chang talked with author Jamie Wendt about her poetry collection Fruit of the Earth, the significance of religion in her work, being an English teacher, and more. Jo Chang: What’s your connection to the Midwest?

Jamie Wendt: I was born and raised in the north suburbs of Chicago. I spent four years in Iowa at Drake University getting my Bachelor of Science in.

Few paintings are as iconic as Grant Wood's American Gothic. The piece's staging is so embedded into American culture that even its countless parodies and homages are instantly recognizable. While.

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