Alpaca blanket project

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Baby Alpaca Chunky is so soft and we have come up with an assortment of lovely colors that accentuate this bulky weight yarn.

Soften Up That Stiff, Scratchy Acrylic Yarn

Baby Alpaca Chunky is great for snuggly, one-skein scarves or make a cozy throw blanket. Last fall I designed the Fallen Leaves Slouchy Hat – in gorgeous Baby Alpaca from the LB Collection! It was just one skein, and it was so fun to make. Well, I finally got my hands on some more of this lovely yarn, and have designed a luxurious wrap to match!

Alpaca Culture

However, “Fall Leaves Wrap” is the. The Purl Bee is a craft blog created for you by Purl Soho where we publish ideas for you to knit, crochet, sew, stitch and more! You can view our projects below. Throw Blankets: Add a touch of warmth to your bed with a craftily placed throw blanket.

Wool Throw Blankets. Bedding & Bath / Blankets & Throws / Throw Blankets. of Results. Sleep Like A King Luxury Alpaca Throw designed by Larry and Shawn King. 1. Made from a 60/40 alpaca wool cotton blend, there is a large steal your face on the front and one on the back, as well as the 13 point lightning bolt on the sleeves.

With 2 pockets, a zip up front, and a drawstring hood and waist, this Grateful Dead hoodie will be a favorite!

PurelyAlpaca has been a major supported of the Alpaca Blanket Project for many years. When the owners of PurelyAlpaca had their first alpaca farm they hosted events to collect the USA grown alpaca fiber for production of the beautiful Alpaca Blankets and Alpaca Scarves made by Pendleton Mills in the Pacific Northwest.

Alpaca blanket project
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