Abortion is an immoral act

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The Legality and Morality of Abortion

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To come to the conclusion that abortion is immoral, a woman must first understand what abortions are and why women choose to have unavocenorthernalabama.com-life supporters say that abortion equals the murder of a human life, before it's even allowed to live.

There are now over million surgical abortions per year in the United States; that number greatly increases. Why Abortion is Immoral – Don Marquis. Marquis attempts to demonstrate that abortion is morally on a par with the killing of an adult human; that is, he tries to show that aborting a fetus is, except in exceptional circumstances, a serious moral wrong.

Why abortion is immoral

Don Marquis’s article ‘why abortion is immoral?’ contains Paul Bassen’s argument on absence of victimization in abortions with respect to the prospect of an embryo.

He has supported his view with the authenticity of embryo’s unconsciousness and absence of capability for sensation. act as a baseline for wrongness of abortion.

The Legality and Morality of Abortion and it’s value is insufficient to justify the state committing the immoral act of violating a woman’s bodily autonomy. If you missed Part II, check it out here: On Legality and Morality Abortion, Never miss a.

1 Why Abortion is Immoral by Don Marquis () The view that abortion is, with rare exceptions, seriously immoral has received little support in the recent philosophical literature. The argument that one cannot believe abortion is both immoral and should be legal depends on the assumption that the immorality of abortion is substantially greater than the immorality of forcing pregnant women to carry to term.

Abortion is an immoral act
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