A biography of nathan bedford forrest

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Nathan Bedford Forrest Quotes

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Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography

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Nathan Bedford Forrest summary: Nathan Bedford Forrest was born in Bedford County, Tennessee, the eldest of twelve children. Forrest became a millionaire as a businessman, who owned several cotton plantations.

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Nathan Bedford Forrest: Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate cavalry commander in the American Civil War (–65) who was often described as a “born military genius.” His rule of action, “Get there first with the most men,” became one of the most often quoted statements of the war.

Nathan Bedford Forrest Biography, Life, Interesting Facts Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on July 13th, in Back in the day, Forrest made his fortune out of engaging in the slave trade business.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

General Nathan Bedford Forrest was an exception. He started out as a slave trader, enlisted as a private after Fort Sumter, but quickly rose to the rank of general commanding Confederate cavalry in Tennessee and Mississippi.4/5.

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A biography of nathan bedford forrest
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