1984 feature article

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1984 and our modern surveillance society

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1984 and our modern surveillance society

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1984 feature article

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‘The world of is a perfect metaphor for today,’ he says. ‘People want to understand the nature of the type of power which is wielded in this story and how it relates to our own society. When George Orwell finished work on he was already a man without a future. Fading rapidly from tuberculosis, his most celebrated novel was to be his last.

He died shortly after its publication.

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Jun 06,  · Maybe isn't such a thing of the past. One of the most defining characteristics of Orwell's novel is the extent of Big Brother's surveillance state. Shown above is a screenshot from a The fact that almost all media commentary, book reviews and feature articles about the book have ignored the crucial role of controlling the past indicates that Orwell's prophecy has already been partially fulfilled.

The central theme of his book, the control of history, has already been largely written out of references to his book and. Since last week’s revelations of the scope of the United States’ domestic surveillance operations, “Nineteen Eighty-Four” has enjoyed a massive sales spike.

1984 feature article
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